17,000 local jobs guaranteed from Liverpool Waters

Posted: 12/04/2012

The 30 year project to develop the Liverpool docklands will bring 17,000 jobs which will be available to local workers thanks to Liverpool City Council.

Peel Holdings have signed a deal with Chancellor Joe Anderson to ensure that the local work force will benefit from the huge regeneration planned for the Liverpool Waterfront.

The agreement was made under section 106, powers of the council which is usually used by councils to request money from developers that would be used to improve public places, but Liverpool Council have used this rule to bring jobs to their local labour workforce.

Four targets have been set which will be monitored closely by both Peel Holdings and Liverpool City Council throughout the construction phase, to ensure the project stays on target and is completed with little to no delay.

The agreement will also provide young people with training which will boost the levels of employment throughout the city.

If you would like to learn more about the £5billion scheme by Peel Holdings for Liverpool’s docklands, you can read our previous articles as we follow the developments of this huge regeneration project.

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