2 billion pound theme park heading for the Thames Estuary

Posted: 10/10/2012

Plans have been revealed for a new £2 billion entertainment park to be built in the Thames Estuary, Kent which could see a massive 27,000 jobs created. The Paramount Pictures branded theme park will be built in the style of a Disney theme park and would stretch 872 acres, double the size of the Olympic Park. The work on the theme park is planned for 2018 dependent on planning consent and if it was granted planning permission it would rival Disneyland Paris in France.

The Paramount park would be built on what is currently brownfield land in the Swanscombe Peninsula and would become one of the four largest theme parks in the world. The park would include a huge indoor water park, theatres, attractions, live music venues, cinemas, event space, restaurants and hotels. The Ebbsfleet International railway station is on the doorstep of the new theme park which would provide a very snappy 17 minute journey to and from London and a two hour trip from Paris.

The development company is London Resort Company Holdings and the project leader, Tony Sefton claims that this theme park is Britain’s next major regeneration project now the Olympics have finished. They are hoping that during the next year and a half the planning application will be processed and a wide community consultation will take place. Tony Sefton also states that the number of direct jobs during phase one is a massive 27,000 and London Resort Company Holdings are set to announce the number of constructions jobs that will be available shortly.

Another scheme that is awaiting planning permission is a lot more controversial. Twenty gas fired power stations are likely to be built across the UK amounting to a massive increase in the consumption of fossil fuel however Ed Davey, the climate and energy secretary claims the power stations would not affect the Government’s carbon reduction targets.

Mr Davey also claimed that the power stations would not harm the prospects for investment in renewable energy and that he strongly supports more renewable energy but that the country needs ‘a big expansion of renewable energy and gas if we are to tackle climate change challenges.’

The twenty power stations will require billions of pounds worth of investment and the new gas strategy is expected to be announced by the secretary for climate and energy this autumn. Campaigners claim that energy investors are concerned over the new ‘dash for gas’ and if the gas stations were given the go ahead, it would put carbon targets beyond reach.

The political director of Greenpeace claims that allowing these new power stations to be built would ‘blow this autumns’ once in a generation opportunity to replace dirty power stations with clean ones.’ However, Ed Davey said that the Government was planning to add 20GW of electricity generation capacity from gas between 2012 and 2030. This is almost ten times the current capacity for generating renewable energy from offshore wind farms for example, a new offshore wind farm opened off the coast of North Norfolk with a capacity of 2GW. This is more than any other counties wind farms but ironically, the secretary for climate and energy attended the opening for the new off shore wind farm in North Norfolk.

What do you think about the £2 billion theme park set to be built in the Thames Estuary? Do you believe building twenty gas fired power stations will be a big mistake and will spoilt all the work that has been done around the country to meet the carbon emission target or do you believe investment in renewable energy alone is not enough to power the country for generations to come?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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