29 coastal sites across England failed water quality tests

Posted: 07/11/2012

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have released new figures which show that water quality across the UK has been badly effected by this summers floods. Only 59% of the beaches in England met tough ‘guideline’ standards for water quality this year compared to the 79% pass rate in 2011 however, the standards have been raised since the previous year’s tests.

In England, there were 29 coastal sites that failed to achieve the minimum grade which has jumped up from the 9 sites that didn’t pass last year. This sudden increase has been blamed on the flooding where the UK experience the wettest summer in 100 years therefore, pollution from cities and the countryside washed into rivers which were then carried downstream to the sea effecting beaches and bathing areas.

So, what does this mean for anyone who visits a beach that did not pass the water quality test? Well, it means that at certain times of the year the water may cause stomach upsets and other illnesses if you decide to take a dip. Thankfully, 93% of England’s beaches passed the mandatory minimum water quality levels however, this is less than last year when there was a 95% pass rate.

Campaigners claim that another reason for this years poor water quality is because too many sewerage drains are allowed to overflow into the sea when flooding occurs, polluting the water. They also claim that water quality is poorer this year because of fertilisers running off farmers fields due to the lack of regulation. Another reason campaigners gave was inadequate drainage systems in towns and cities which allows dirt, oil and other contaminants to get washed into rivers because of poor filtering.

The total amount of bathing sites in the UK is currently 575 and the number of beaches in Wales which passed the minimum standards fell from 99% in 2011 to 97% this year and there was also a fall experience in Northern Ireland where 96% of beaches passes compared to 100% the previous year. However, in Scotland, the number of beaches that met the mandatory grade improved from 95% to 98% and all inland bathing areas passed the minimum standards.

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Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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