53 environmental regulations will be removed to save 1billion pounds

Posted: 21/03/2012

An online survey named The Red Tape Challenge, took place last year on the Defra website to allow the general public to express their views on the environmental regulations.

The comments have been analysed and resulted in the change to some of the regulations which Defra promise will benefit small and medium sized businesses. Defra’s spokesman Caroline Spelman, unveiled the details of cuts to the environmental regulations as part of the government’s response to the Treasury’s Red Tape Challenge, ‘This was about getting better rules, not weaker ones. The results of the Red Tape Challenge will be good for the environment and good for business, because as well as upholding environmental protection we will remove unnecessary bureaucracy to allow businesses to free up resources to invest in growth.’

One of the benefits is to eliminate the use of paper forms for the Waste Transfer Notes and setting up an online system which will reduce businesses valuable time and the amount of paper of which the forms were printed on will decrease.

There are currently 255 environmental regulations, 70 of them will remain unchanged, 132 of them will be simplified or merged with others and 53 of the regulations will be completely removed. This plan is aimed to save business £1billion over the next 5 years whilst still protecting the environment.

Questions are being asked by some environmental groups if the government have gone too far and removed important protection for our environment. Ruth Davis who is the chief policy advisor at Greenpeace told the Guardian, ‘97% of people who responded to the Red Tape Challenge on environmental protection wanted the existing rules to be kept or made stronger. The overwhelming majority of the British people are opposed to this Government's reckless assault on the laws and policies that protect our countryside, wildlife and climate.’

The full Red Tape Challenge report can be read HERE

What are your thoughts of the changes of the regulations?
Do you think all of the effort that has already gone into the changes will be worth the time and money already spent?
Or do you believe that the change to the regulations will be of great benefit to businesses and it will help the recovery of our economy?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd


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