A possible reappearance for Leigh Railway Station

Posted: 28/04/2015

After being derelict for over 50 years, a proposal for Leigh Railway Station has been drawn up in a bid to connect it to the proposed High Speed Rail Link system.

The HS2 route has been created to link 8 of Britain’s 10 largest cities and the Government maps show it passing nearby the town of Leigh. The HS2 has been created so that it can increase Britain’s railway capacity not only to get more people onto the trains but also allowing more freight trains to operate. Having this service is hoped to decrease the number of cars and lorries on the roads therefore, reducing the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

The new railway lines of the HS2 are said to significantly increase Britain’s railway passenger/business intake as it will almost double the number of trains. It is hoped that the HS2 will bring a surge in economic growth as the project would produce jobs and could possibly commute towards rebalancing economy between the North and the South.

The decision to try and add a link from Leigh Railway Station to the larger HS2 came about when the route of the HS2 was unveiled which urged Andy Burnham, The MP of Leigh to hold a community meeting in the local town of Lowton to discuss the communities views on the plans.  According to Mr Backs, the MP of the area, a wealthy sum of 200 plus people attended to take part in the discussion.

The campaign for a train station in Leigh has been ongoing for quite some time however the founder of Transport for Leigh, Ged Tyrrell became one step closer after obtaining a meeting with Network Rail in order for him to reveal his plans to add to the infamous HS2 construction, back in 2011.

Having the High Speed Rail system linking to Leigh could help the initial growth on the local economy making it an unmissable opportunity not only for the local community but the whole region itself.

Following further progress on the project it appears that the conference has now drawn to a close and details regarding how the construction of the project will progress will be announced via the Government towards the end of 2014.

With the discussion of various interchanges still taking place, many previous applications have already been dismissed for example, stations at Milton Keynes were rejected this once in a lifetime opportunity because it was decided that too many people may use this service which in time would result in overcrowding. This may well be an ever growing issue with any stations that are involved with the HS2 project.

However, the latest news regarding the proposal to link Leigh Railway Station to the HS2 has alerted the local community and campaigners are now stepping up to make their opinions known. There are many negative responses towards the new and upcoming project however after the MP’s of Leigh’s meeting with the community, great support was shown regarding the proposal for the interchange. The local community believe it will open an opportunity in which the UK government can amend their extreme decision of removing Leigh Railway Station almost 5 decades ago.

Would you like Leigh to be connected to the HS2? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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