A weekend break at a royal castle - but it will cost you.

Posted: 19/06/2014

The beloved haven of the Queen Mother, The Castle of Mey, is currently being rented out to guests but the price of this regal residence comes with a large price tag. If you would like to stay for a long weekend, it will set you back by a staggering price of £50,000.

Yes, that’s right, few carefully chosen guest are paying a whopping £50,000 for up to a twelve people to enjoy spending an extended weekend at the picturesque royal castle. When staying at The Castle of Mey, visitors can eat on the very dining table used by the Queen Mother whilst enjoying the many landscapes created by Prince Philip which hang from the walls of the dining room. Guests can even lounge in the late queen’s much-loved chair.

It was decided by the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust to start renting out the castle in an attempt to raise funds to maintain the residence.

A small faction of philanthropists and affluent business people have been selected and sent invitations to enjoy a short break at the residence. The first guests to visit the castle last month were the friends and family of businessman from overseas. 

The Castle which is a cherished hideaway located in the highlands was owned by the past Queen and is still a favourite choice of retreat for Prince Charles. 12 years after the Queen Mother died at the age of 101, the 16th century property is still jam-packed with quirky decorations and personal touches. Some of her trinkets include a Lock Ness monster cuddly toy wearing a tartan dress and a porcelain figurine of a drunken Scotswoman hanging off a lamppost and these objects remain on display.

It is planned that only 2 or 3 short breaks a year will take place in the castle and 12 guests is the maximum capacity permitted. Guests will be attended by twenty staff and some of these will be flown up specifically from London.

These long weekend breaks have been organised by Lady Elizabeth Anson, a benefactor of the trust and the Queen’s own Royal event organiser, Lady Elizabeth Anson. There is only one area of the castle which remains unavailable to guests, the Queen Mothers bedroom.

Would you stay at the Queen Mothers residence for £50,000?

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd 


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