Alternative flood preventions

Posted: 10/01/2014


With the recent flooding of the UK and more rain heading our way this weekend, the country is looking at why flooding is happening so easily. This has sparked a debate about the lack of flood prevention in new housing developments.

Since 2010 a policy has been in place to delay the prevention of flooding at new developments which has meant that it hasn't been essential for developers to install flood prevention measures. However, this delay is set to come to an end this year so it will become mandatory for developers to install flood preventions.

The Flood Act of 2010 which has seen a four year delay requires developers to include landscaping of their housing developments to prevent rainwater running off roofs into the water system but instead, soaking into grassy areas and open ground.

This regulation has already been utilised by one developer in Sheffield where a creation of a pond and grassy park area has been used to prevent flooding. It is been hailed as the simplist flood solution that’s easy to maintain and pleasant for the community. The idea is that the rainwater from roofs runs towards an open grassland area, through vegetation and rocks which breaks down the pollutants from the road surface and into a pond. This method of flood prevention has been boasted as the cheapest and greenest way of dealing with excess water rather than letting the water drain into a pipe. Unfortunately, developers disagree and claim that this will put the cost of housing up.

An alternative method has been discussed which includes large tanks underneath a development which are designed to collect the excess rainwater and prevent it from entering the water pipe systems which run into rivers and cause them to swell. However, technical experts state that this is a poor solution compared to surface features.

At the moment a decision hasn’t been made but with a lot of the country currently under water and the demand for new homes rising, something will have to be changed. If you are purchasing a property and would like to know if this property is at risk of flooding, you can purchase a Residential Groundsure Flood Report from Pali for just £22.20 inc VAT. If you would be interested in purchasing one of these reports, simply contact us on 0151 691 1170 or email

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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