Anglesey nuclear plant on lockdown for five months!

Posted: 19/06/2014

A Nuclear power station located in Anglesey called the Wylfa power station has been on lock down for over five months now since the 6th January 2014. This day saw the closure of one part of the station known as reactor one. The reactor had been shut down due to an amount of maintenance work that needed desperately completing and later on led to unearth further problems. This then delayed the initial time scale in which the jobs where to be completed and as a result of this, the re-opening of the reactor has been abandoned twice.

Upon the closure of reactor one, it was proposed that it would only be on lockdown for a number of 100 days however, when the workers at the power station came to restart the facility during the Easter holiday they discovered that further modifications needed to be done to repair the gas circulator and one of the turbines.

Recently on the 13th June, workers spotted a damaged pipe and this has again delayed the re-opening of the reactor, never the less, there are anticipations that the power station will be able to resume service in two weeks’ time. When the workers had discovered the damaged pipe on the 13th June, a leak had been apparent also causing further delays to the reactor start up. In the event that the station returns to normal service, energy resources will still be produced until the 30th of September 2014 with a possible extension until December 2015 providing that all safety measures are met.

Despite workers predicting the re-opening of the plant in the forthcoming weeks, it is expected that the plant which is dated 43 years old will be locked down later on this year. To back up the damages a former spokesman from the Wyfla plant stated that no radioactive sources had caused any of the problems.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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