Apartments in London burgled by fake property agents

Posted: 17/04/2012

Two smartly dressed men posed as property agents to gain access to apartments in Battersea Park Road, London on the 1st February 2012. The Viridian Apartments were targeted as the burglars took a total of £180,000 worth of possessions from three apartments.

It is thought that the pair gained access to the building by buzzing each apartment and stated they were property agents until someone let them in.

One of the victims is Zane Lawrence, who had his Mercedes and £15,000 worth of his fiancées’ jewellery stolen. They spoke to the London Evening Standard and said, ‘When I got here the doors had quite clearly been crowbarred, they were both broken in exactly the same way. Everything they stole had sentimental value, it was more about that than the cost. It feels like our personal space has been invaded. My fiancée is upset because this has never happened to her before, she feels quite violated because of it.’

The couple want to raise awareness that these criminals don’t look like your typical burglar.

CCTV footage shows clear images of both of the men’s faces that were recorded over a month after the first break in on the 9th March. The second burglary took place at the Howard Building in Queenstown Road, where Richard Street and Sandra Burrows had £145,000 of jewellery and electronic items stolen.

They blame there break in on the Police not revelling the first set of CCTV images they had obtained from the original burglary at the Viridian Apartments.

Could this be the new, smarter style of criminal we have to contend with?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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