Are you ready for the new style EPC?

Posted: 03/04/2012

Its April already and the new style EPC is set to be released for public examination. This was announced by Andrew Stunell who is the CLG minister and he detailed how the EPC will make information on buildings easier to comprehend as well as helping home owners save on energy bills. He also highlighted how Domestic Energy Assessors will undergo more training to guarantee that the latest style EPC will be delivered to a high standard every time.

The CLG minister also promoted how potential tenants or buyers will have access to an EPC early on in the viewing process. This will help them plan what changes should be made to the property that have been recommended on the EPC to make it more energy efficient. In addition, they could calculate the energy efficiency of different properties they view, aiding them in there final decision. Stunell said: ‘The Energy Performance Certificate has proved useful in putting the efficiency of our homes at the forefront of our minds, but home owners can often struggle to know how to act on the advice it gives.’ And this is why the Government has given the EPC a complete re-design.

What Mr Stunell failed to mention was the risk to all home owners’ privacy as their addresses will be available to view by the general public on the central register. There have been concerns raised about this which include worries that squatters could use an EPC to find empty properties and celebrity watchers could also use an EPC to find out which celebrity is selling their house. Other problems could include estate agents touting from other agents although this would be breaking the Property Ombudsman code.

Christopher Hamer from the Property Ombudsman advised estate agents to inform clients that the address of their property will be displayed on an EPC, before instruction takes place.

This is the new style Energy Performance Certificate

The new style EPC will come into effect on the 6th April, listed below are additional articles I have wrote while following the changes to the EPC;

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What are your feelings about the new EPC? Are you excited to see the new certificate or dreading the complications of the new regulations?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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