Beach hut bought for more than the UK's average house price

Posted: 19/06/2012

A beach hut in Bournemouth that measures 5.6m by 3.2m and boasts a fitted kitchen and sleeping accomodation has sold for an astonishing £170,000! The beautiful beach hut is located on the Mudeford Sand Spit and was rebuilt 10 years ago. It has been fitted with solar panels to power the lights although it has no toilet facility so the buyers of this delightful hut will have to use the communal toilets nearby.

The beach hut fetched an incredible £170,000 which is almost £10,000 more than the average house price across the country, according to the latest index by Halifax.

The beach hut was sold within two days of it coming onto the market but fetched £5,000 less than the advertised asking price of £175,000. On top of the huge £170,000 paid for the hut, an additional £2,500 has to be paid for ground rent each year but the views you experience from the timber cabin over the harbour and sea are stunning.

The beach hut can be used for over night stays between March and October and it's believed that many people take the boat over the water to get to work. The beach hut also possesses double glazed windows which will provide protection from the elements as well as attractive décor.

If your disappointed that you have missed this magical opportunity to purchase a top of the range beach hut, don’t fret, there are similar properties on the market between £130,000 and £145,000.

It is thought that this may be the UK's most expensive beach hut ever sold. Would you like to own your own quaint cabin by the sea side or would you rather use your £170,000 on a conventional property, hopefully fitted with a toilet?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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