Bedroom tax victims finally receive help!

Posted: 03/07/2014

There are two new schemes being developed in Merseyside which will benefit the families who have been targeted by the Governments bedroom tax rule. These families will now receive help in the form of two new development schemes so they can be re located into smaller housing in order to avoid paying any further bedroom tax.

Through these schemes another vacant site in North Liverpool, known formerly as the Boot Estate in Norris Green has been transformed into a new development which will house around 44 two bedroomed properties which will be made affordable to rent. Meanwhile another 18 two bedroomed properties have been constructed on a site in Beechwood, Wirral.

The demand to rent one of the 62 two bedroomed properties has become extremely high and this demand has risen ever since the coalition Government attached a financial penalty to any “spare bedrooms” that are being unused in many residential homes.

Social landlords such as the Liverpool Housing Trust, Beechwood Ballantyne Community Housing Association and Cobalt Housing are all a part of the Symphony Housing Group, each of which are behind both schemes that have been devised, both of which are worth around £6.5 million in total.

One resident who was affected by the bedroom tax, Stevie Dodd, has recently relocated into her newly built home on the Wirral along with her five year old daughter. She has downsized from a three bedroomed property to a two bedroomed home hoping that it will make her life a lot easier, she went on to say;
“I was getting into arrears because I had to pay the bedroom tax. I was so worried about getting into debt and I couldn’t see how I was going to manage financially”.

The BBCHA tenant who is also a part-time cleaner added:
“I now save £12 a week which has made such a difference. It really feels like I have been given a fresh start and I can create new memories here”.

Another resident who lives in Liverpool, Claire Hill aged 30 and mum of one has also downsized into a two bedroomed home in Norris Green after living in a three bedroomed property for a number of years. Claire is a tenant under Cobalt Housing and works part time at a health centre, she mentioned the following statement;
“I am so much happier in my new home and I have saved £48 a month as I no longer have to pay the bedroom tax. I was starting to get into rent arrears and I was worried about how I was going to manage. But now I have moved into a lovely home which is in a much nicer area with friendly neighbours. I feel as though I can start to get back on track with my finances”.

All developments have been funded by Cobalt Housing, LHT as well as the Homes and Communities Agency. John Burt, deputy chief of the Symphony Housing Group stated;
“These new properties are helping to significantly regenerate our neighbourhoods and support customers affected by the Government’s bedroom tax. While this is positive news for some tenants, many more are affected by welfare reform and there remains a severe shortage of smaller homes for them to downsize into. We think the bedroom tax is unfair and, alongside other housing associations, we continue to lobby against it and urge the Government to think again”.

Are you being affected by bedroom tax?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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