Blackpool earthquakes were caused by Fracking, yet the procedure continues.

Posted: 17/04/2012

Last year, Blackpool experienced  two small earthquakes measuring 2.3 and 1.5 on the Richter scale which classes them as moderate earthquakes. There was no structual damage to any of Blackpool's buildings but both of the earthquakes were caused by the controversial drilling method that was carried out off Blackpool’s coast by the energy company, Caudrilla.

The method of Fracking involves injecting high pressured water, chemicals and sand into drilled shale beds to release Methane gas which can be stored and used instead of importing fossil fuels. The lucrative alternative has been nick-named ‘energy gold’ as the gas is in such high demand.

Unfortunately, the controversial method has been linked with air pollution, contamination of groundwater and a risk of earthquakes which were proved last year in Blackpool.

So why is Fracking starting again on Blackpool’s coastline? An independent panel which were commissioned by the Government have implemented new strict systems that will detect warning tremors in the rock while the extraction of the natural gas is in progress.

Campaigners are far from happy with this decision and wish for Fracking to be banned, especially with the news that the independent experts have denied that Caudrilla behaved irresponsibly, even though they continued to drill the shale bed regardless of the 2.3 magnitude earthquake that had just shook Blackpool.

The Chair of Blackpool and Fylde Green Party, Philip Mitchell spoke to the Telegraph and said ‘The fact that a second earth tremor was triggered within days of a Parliamentary Inquiry report giving Fracking the go-ahead should have been a wake-up call to ministers and MPs that it is still far too early to make such a decision.’

The gas is not only in Blackpool’s shale beds but has also been found under the Pennines from Lancashire to Humberside, Kent, Sussex, South Wales, Hampshire, Northern Ireland and central Scotland.

Shale gas is one of the main sources of energy in the United States following years of rigorous Fracking, but critics pointed out the trail of ravaged landscapes and contaminated water supplies left behind by the industrial sized operations.

What are your thoughts on the procedure of Fracking? Were you in Blackpool when the earthquakes happened and did you feel the tremors? Is the extraction of the natural gas worth the damage to the landscape and environment?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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