Brace yourself as a snow blizzard is on its way!

Posted: 17/01/2013

The Met office is warning the people in the North West of England to brace themselves for heavy snow showers starting on Friday. The snow will affect parts of the North West including Wales and the West Midlands which are particularly at risk of significant levels of snow mixed with strong winds.

The weather warnings that have been issued by the Met office include an amber warning for parts of Wales for heavy snow and Western England where between 10 to 15cm of snow are expected to fall and 20cm on hills. An amber warning means that you need to prepare for the weather and take vital steps to protect you and your family for example, if you’re planning on driving for a non essential reason, change your plans so you and your family will stay protected indoors. However, if you do need to make a journey, make ensure you check the Met Office weather alerts as well as traffic reports and allow more time for your journey.

The blizzard is expected to ease come the weekend with more sleet and rain on its way brought in from the West. Here at the Pali office, we had a mini flurry of snow fall of about 10 flakes which were visible on the Pali car wind screen, but nothing else has fallen as of yet. I wonder if we will struggle to make it into work tomorrow in the Pali cars, perhaps we need new Range Rover Pali cars!? Just a thought!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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