Britain to face speeding winds and heavy downpours!

Posted: 13/11/2014

In the coming weeks, around 30mm of rain is expected to fall in many parts of the UK topped off with speeding gales measuring up to 70mph, according to forecasters.

A line of weather warnings have been distributed in various parts of the UK via the Met office – with the added extra of heavy downpours and blustering winds which are expected to swarm the UK within the next few days.

Some areas of southern England have been preparing to face the gusts of wind that are anticipated to touch top speeds of around 70mph cupped with thunder and hefty downpours too. Forecasters anticipate that 0-20mm of rain could fall across a wide area however; South West Wales, Cornwall and Western Scotland have been bound with the predication of 30mm.

Currently there are already four flood alerts in place in the following areas: Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Last Thursday the Met Office issued “be aware” yellow warnings across seven areas located inside the UK.

Areas included in a warning for Friday are Northern Ireland, Eastern Scotland, Wales and the South West. Not only this but the weather from then on is anticipated to ease in Northern Ireland this Saturday however, it could continue to affect other areas following Friday’s episode.

Expected weather could cause damage to surrounding green areas i.e. trees, bushes and wildlife… it could also heavily disrupt traffic in many areas. Over the past weekend, Wales founds itself at the foot of the storm having been subject to several incidents in both Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire; this comes shortly after a yellow warning had been distributed for the South Wales coastal area.

On Saturday alone, around 10 days’ worth off rain had fallen in a matter of six hours in the south east. The cataract of warnings came immediately after Britain had been threatened with a “conveyor belt”  of storms from the Atlantic rumoured to reach up to 60 mph bringing flooding and widespread travel disruptions in its midst.

It is rumoured that around New Year, temperatures could descend to around 10C courtesy of winds blowing in from Russia, these icy blusters are rumoured to last around a week, possibly more at a time.

The Met Office also provide a forecast for November to January which states; “Winds will change from westerly to an easterly phase which can lead to a greater incidence of blocking patterns, increasing the probability of cold weather”. People who had been celebrating the late arrival of warm weather soon had their spirits dampened and are also warned to dust the cobwebs from the umbrellas as the miserable weather is fast approaching and expected to run throughout the duration of the Christmas period.

Following the months of glorious sunshine and record breaking warm toasty temperatures, Winter is set to arrive in style bringing an army of icy cold temperatures with it.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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