Spooky street names and the sum it costs to live among them in Britain!

Posted: 27/10/2015

Just days ahead of a massive worldwide event known as Halloween, the Daily Mail has revealed Britain’s spookiest street names and the amount it costs to live in them.

For people who possess a fear of creepy crawlies, certain street names might not be suitable, this is Spiders Lane which is located in Exmouth. However, it doesn’t stop there, following on from the creepy crawly street names of Exmouth there is also a road called Bat Alley located in Sturminster Newton and another called Goblins Green in Welwyn Garden City.

However that’s not all, the spooky names just keep coming as there is also a street in Winkleigh named Tricks Terrace and a place called Spells Close in Southminster. 

To many reading, the above names seem somewhat scary but they are nothing compared to those ranked at the top of the list. Taking the top spots for the spookiest names are ironically known as, Spook Hill in Dorking, Cauldron Crescent in Swanage and Crackle Street in Rye according to Zoopla.

The average home is seen to be around £200,000 whereas the average property price in Spook Hill is exceedingly higher at a cost of £651,298. Crackle Street following closely behind with an average of £359,264 and a value of £326,283 in Cauldron Crescent.

To every high there is a low and this is Black Cat Drive in Northampton where houses sell for £192,587 on average. These findings are reinforced by a survey, which specified overall that many people would not be put off buying a home if it is haunted. On the other hand, there is a small sum of Britons who live for the unnerving feeling of Halloween , this came about due to the 6% who mentioned that they would be more likely to view a property that has suspected ‘Supernatural Occurrences’.

The research by Yorkshire Banks and Clydesdale uncovered that exactly two thirds would not be put off buying a haunted property.

Director of retail banking, Steve Fletcher said; “Everyone is looking for something different in their dream home. However, we were surprised that the majority of people would be happy to share with a supernatural presence. Our research also revealed that 3 per cent of those surveyed actually believe their current property may be haunted and that they are co-habiting with a ghostly resident”.

Please see below a list of Britain’s supposedly spookiest streets and what you would pay live in them.


              Britain’s spookiest street names and what you pay to live in them!

 Ranking                                     Street Name                                        Current Average Value

  1.                                Spook Hill, Dorking, RH5                                       £651,298 
  2.                          Cackle Street, Brede, Rye, TN31                                   £359,264
  3.                          Cauldron Crescent, Swanage, BH19                             £326,283
  4.                 Bat Alley, Marnhull, Sturminster Newton, DT10                     £311,979
  5.                       Goblins Green, Welwyn Garden City, AL7                       £303,218
  6.                                   Spells Close, South Minster                               £283,059
  7.                                Tricks Terrace, Winkleigh EX19                             £273,214
  8.                        Coven Road, Brewood, Stafford ST19                            £262,757
  9.                                     Spiders Lane, Exmouth EX8                             £257,646
  10.                         Black Cat Drive, Northampton, NN5                               £192,587


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