Brits would rather live in a cottage than a mansion, new survey finds

Posted: 28/04/2016

The research, investigating what type of houses people would buy if money wasn’t an object, was conducted by Sarah Beeny’s agency Tepilo. A mansion, radiating grandeur might appear to be the most common property fantasy when it comes to dream houses, but according to the survey, it seems that simple brick work and thatched roofing dreams are much more realistic.

Out of 2,000 property owners, 14% would idolise living in a quaint cottage in the countryside, compared to 12% who have set their sights on a huge mansion, if money was not in the equation. Even more modestly, 13% of the 2,000 surveyed, would pick a detached bungalow. Another 13% - perhaps the most down to earth dreamers – would aspire to own a simple modern home if they had the finances.

However, the amount of money the property buyers anticipated would be needed to fulfil their dreams, was far less realistic. People wanted their dream home to cost no more than 3 million.

People were not so optimistic about realising these dreams however. Only three in ten were ‘hopeful’ about the possibility of them living in their dream home in the future. While a whopping 38% believed that they would only have the opportunity to own their dream home if they won the lottery.

Ms Beeny stated “Up to 3 million seems a pretty low price to pay for the ultimate pas, but it demonstrates that we’re a price orientated nation that expects value for money when it comes to property”.

The specifics of the contents and features were extremely varied. Top of the list was a balcony with 43% prioritising this as a feature of their dream home. Another instalment, close to the top of the list was a relaxation room, followed closely by a home library (35%). One in four people who were surveyed expressed desire in having a wine cellar and ‘his and hers’ bathrooms.

Also high on the list was an indoor swimming pool, while almost 50% dream of having an en-suite in every bedroom, as well as separate dressing rooms equipped with walk-in wardrobes.

Some people dreamed of having a home they could throw big parties in, with 17% wanting a built-in night-club. Whereas others wanted to have a calmer tone to their dream house, visualising an orangery or conservatory to relax in.

People selected for this particular survey were planning to purchase a home within the next year, in the process of completing on a house, or had bought their own property over the last year. 

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