Broom cupboard converted into flat for sale in London

Posted: 01/10/2012

Yes, that’s correct, a broom cupboard has been converted into a flat in London’s most expensive borough, Kensington and Chelsea. The flat is on the eighth floor overlooking Harrods and if you fancy buying this converted cupboard, it will cost you £89,000.

The flat is not much bigger than a snooker table and it's so small, you can touch both sides of the one room flat without too much of a stretch. The flat has a built in toilet area that doubles up as a shower room and there is space for a small single bed opposite the kitchenette.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, this flat would be your worst nightmare but the estate agents claim there has been a high level of interest. The one bedroom flat is currently advertised online and has attracted an astonishing 100 responses, 30 viewings and 5 firm offers.

The flat was originally a storage cupboard for porters where they kept their brooms until the building was converted in the 1970s and sold off as serveral various sized studio apartments. The flat comes with a parking permit as a garage area can cost up to £250,000 in the area but most are larger than the flat itself!

The flat is in the Prince’s Court building on Brompton Road however, the estate agents of the ‘cupboard flat’ admits that it is so tiny it would not pass the council’s health and safely laws as it would class it as a fire hazard. An even smaller flat in the same building sold for a huge £120,000 in 2006 and was put back on the market two years ago at a massive £200,000. A former janitor’s storeroom in Chelsea sold for £170,000 which measured 7ft by 11ft.

The smallest house in Britain called Quay House is located in the village of Conwy, Wales and measures 10ft by 6ft and was lived in until the 20th century.

The housing charity Shelter has called for a five year rental contract to be introduced to give landlords more certainty and allow tenants to settle in their rented accomodation. Shelter want a new type of tenancy called the stable rental contact which they claim should become the norm in England as rents reach record highs. A typical monthly rent costs £734 in England and Wales which is a 2.9% rise on the figures a year ago in August 2011 according to LSL Property Services.

Shelter found that 35% of families that rent worry about that their landlord will end their contract before they are ready to move out and two thirds of the tenants surveyed admitted that they would like the option of remaining in their rental home for longer than the current typical 20 month span.

Would you ever live in a flat as small as the 'cupboard flat' for sale in London and if you are a landlord or renter, what do you think of Shelters five year contact proposal?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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