Changes to the EPC / EPB regulations and how this will affect Estate Agents

Posted: 19/03/2012

EPC's from Pali Ltd

This article contains a brief summary of the changes to be made to the EPC / EPB Regulations on the 6th April 2012.

All residential and non residential buildings that are to be sold or rented on and after the 6th of April will require an EPC to be commissioned before the property is marketed. Previous to the 6th of April, this rule only applied to residential properties.

Buildings to be sold or rented will require the EPC to be included within written and online particulars and only the first page of the EPC is mandatory.

The onus on commissioning an EPC before marketing still lies with the seller / landlord however, it will now relate to all properties including residential and non-residential being sold or rented. The 28 day period which is currently in place to have the EPC completed by will be reduced to 7 days. However, if an EPC has not been secured within this 7 day period, a further 21 days will be given to do so.

Estate agents may have to make changes to their IT systems to comply with the new EPC regulations. Using the individual Report Reference Number (RRN) from the EPC, agents will be able generate a weblink (URL) that they use on their property details on their website. This ensures that any potential buyer is directed to the most up to date information regarding the Green Deal. Information about the Green Deal can be found HERE and a Pali blog about the Green Deal can be found HERE.

The standard free online service which is provided by the EPC Register Operator, Landmark Information Group, is based on a URL report which allows straight forward EPCs to be retrieved by the property agent. The service will allow the agent to submit a URL with a Report Reference Number of the EPC which belongs to the property. This will allow the estate agent to receive the full EPC while maintaining high security levels.

The second service, which is also provided by Landmark Information Group, will be more enhanced and you will be charged when using this service. It provides property agents with a commercial EPC without the address details on the document. This is a similar process to the standard free service where you use the URL and enter the appropriate RRN of the EPC. The reason why you will incur a charge for using this service is because it is a value added service that was requested by property agents themselves.

Non Domestic EPC retrievals with address removed will cost £0.50 + VAT.

This service will be available on the 6th of April and the charge will apply once the appropriate payment mechanisms are in place. You will be charged every time you request an EPC with the address removed. Agents will only be able to access these services by registering with Landmark Information Group and accepting their Terms and Conditions during the registration process.

If you would like to read about The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections)(England and Wales)(Amendment) Regulations 2011 you can click HERE.

If you would like to read about the changes to the EPC in more detail, you can read our previous blog HERE.

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