Changes to the EPC Regulations, made simple

Posted: 30/03/2012

I have written a few in depth articles about the changes to the EPC that are due on April the 6th but this article is aimed to be simple and easy to understand. Here are the changes to the EPC Regulations.

> The responsibility for obtaining an EPC falls to the sales or letting agent.
> An EPC can be reproduced at a smaller dimension or in black and while as long as it is still legible and meets any other legal obligations.

> If a property that has and still is for sale or rent after 6th April with an old style EPC, this is still acceptable to use and the new requirements don’t affect properties unless there is a break in their marketing.

> You must attach a copy of the EPC’s front page to any written particulars given to an individual that show an interested in either buying or perhaps renting a property. This excludes any advertising material such as a window card or newspaper.
> There must be a copy of the EPC attached to any written particulars for properties newly on the market after 6th April.

> There are two different definitions for written particulars, one is for properties to be sold and the other for properties to be rented;
Properties to be sold must have a photograph of the property or any room inside the property. There must be a floor plan of the property. Specify the size of the rooms in the building and the measured area of the building.

Properties to be rented must also have a photograph of the property or any room inside the property. A floor plan of the property is essential as well as the size of the rooms in the property. A total measurement of the area of the property or the proposed rent to be charged.

> Landmark is the company that will provide all online services that include the EPC Register and to attach it to an online particular.

> Only property agents who abide by the regulations will be allowed to register with Landmark to use their service.

> An address for e commercial EPC can be removed by Landmark only at the request of a property agent. This service will cost 50p.

> All domestic EPC’s will have the address displayed unless it has been omitted from its written particulars.

I hope this information was helpful to you and if you have any questions you have, please feel free to comment and our team at Pali will try our best to answer them.

To see the full article, Summary of the Changes to the EPBD Regulations, click HERE

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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