Cornish car parking space will set you back 55,000 pounds

Posted: 31/08/2012

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Yes, it’s true! There’s a car parking space in the picturesque Cornish town of St Ives for sale with a price tag of £55,000! St Ives is a sea side town renowned for its lack of space therefore, this parking space for sale is a rare find and is expected to be snapped up by a second home owner.

The estate agent who is marketing the car parking space spoke to the Daily Mail and stated that the race to find somewhere to park in this town is a ‘dog fight’ every day and there’s only a certain type of person who will buy this sort of real estate.

However, this isn’t the first time a parking space has become available in St Ives and also isn’t the most expensive because a parking space sold two years ago for a massive £60,000! However, there has been a cheaper parking space for sale in the town selling for £24,000 three years ago.

The price tag of £55,000 is twice the county’s annual wage however, according to the Department for Transport, traffic levels dropped by 1% during spring 2012, so perhaps there will be less demand for this expensive piece of tarmac.

The possible factors which caused the drop in traffic could be the wet weather and rising petrol prices along with unemployment and rising cost of living. Car traffic between April and June fell 0.7% however, motorbikes, coaches and busses dropped by 19.2%. Even heavy goods vehicle numbers fell by 4.4% however, the only category of motor vehicle that increased on the road was light goods vehicles which was up by 1.5% compared to Spring last year.

Traffic volumes fell in urban and rural areas including motorways with rural areas experiencing the largest decline at 5.2% however, traffic on A roads increased by 0.5%.

Would you ever purchase a parking space for £55,000 even though =it would probably be cheaper to receive parking tickets for a number of years instead!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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