Could a proposed gas plant pipeline leave Wirral based drivers in despair?

Posted: 17/09/2015

Wirral could soon find itself in a sticky situation with regards to a proposed gas plant pipe line that may be being constructed. An application for this development has been put forward by the planners, Zebec Energy. If this goes ahead it could cause major disruption for many drivers, especially in and around the area of Seacombe.

The Wirral Council Planning Committee now have the choice on deciding as to whether they wish to grant Zebec Energy the permission to construct the plant. Once constructed, the energy company are aiming to turn waste from feed manufacture into methane gas within the new site.

The New pipeline route involved with the Anaerobic Digestion Plant is expected to trail throughout the length of the dock road, A5139. Many people in and around the affected area have already signed a petition which goes against the projected plans for the plant.

 The plans are due to be discussed and will shortly followed by a decision from the Wirral Council Planning Committee at some point today, Thursday 17th September 2015.

Zebec Energy, the producers of the plant are hoping to obtain around 36,000 tonnes of feed stock per year in order to produce the bio-methane gas. The gas will then be used to power around 4,387 households.

If all planning is approved, the pipeline on which the new site will operate with is expected to be embedded below East Street, Birkenhead Road and Dock Road in order for it to be connected with a fellow energy company, National Grid.

Andrew Jenkins who is a member of the company behind the scheme said that they are working alongside the council in order to minimize any potential disruption.

A local resident within the affected area, Chris Wellstead stated; “Because we’re a poor area they seem to think they can just get away with it. But we have 321 people who have signed our petition. It’s too close to the housing”.

John Salter who is a councillor for the area of Seacombe stated that he will be speaking on behalf of residents at the planning meeting. Mr Salter mentioned that the laying of the pipe would mean houses may have to be closed within the area alongside the added worry of potentially severe traffic disruption being formed.

Mr Salter said;” It’s far too close to residents, and we saw the impact of the closure of the A-bridge at the Four Bridges a few years ago, it really damaged local businesses and caused people a lot of inconvenience”.

Like all developments, depending on where about they are, they are sure to create some form of disruption however, that cannot be helped. Furthermore, in most organized cases other routes are always well devised allowing citizens to get from A to B whether they travel by public transport or have their own.

Mr Jenkins of Zebec Energy said;” The disruption to traffic would be “unavoidable”. It will be a temporary and one-off thing. He also mentioned that they would be placing the pipe in sections and there will be a bit of disruption while it’s put into the ground”.

Furthermore, Mr Jenkins added; “Once the plant is in operation there will be no noise or smell, there is no view to the plant and they (residents) will not be able to see it – I think life will carry on as normal.”

Within the information for the proposed site, it says that it will operate around the clock and when unstaffed it will be subjected to remote monitoring. The site is expected to obtain feedstock between the hours of 7am and 6pm during the course of the week, Monday to Friday and on Saturdays between 7am and 3pm during which time it will be staffed.

Councilors have since been advised by the council planning officers to give the Anaerobic Digestion Plant the final go ahead, and are due to come together at the Wallasey town hall this evening to make an overall decision.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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