Could Britain have the smallest homes?

Posted: 26/06/2014

Based on resent research, homes in Britain are proven to have less space than any other properties in and around European countries. Apparently, families living in Britain are housed in some of the most cramped/confined homes in Europe with over half of these drawing short of modern space standards and requirements, studies have found.

The UK is known to have the smallest dwellings recorded by floor spaced areas in comparison to any other European countries with the average new build property covering just 76 square metres as opposed to Denmark who have almost double at 137 square metres.

According to the latest studies, most people in the UK have proven to be unsatisfied with the amount of space that they have in their homes. It had been reported that almost a quarter and a third were in favour of this even though multiple properties are being labelled as under occupied having been assessed by officials based upon the comparison of bedrooms to the number of occupants living in the home.

Overcrowding has been known to lead to depression in the household as well as the breakdown of various relationships and can also aggravate physical symptoms such as asthma. A team from the University of Cambridge have recorded that out of 16,000 homes which provided information, nearly 55% of these households have less flooring space compared to the average house in London.

After observations had been made with regards to the amount of occupants compared to the number of rooms in a property, it became visible that more than one fifth of houses remained short of reasonable space requirements. In the average home in Britain, floor space is measured to be around just 85 square metres in contrast to Greece which is 77, Ireland with 88 and a whopping 98 in the Netherlands. According to studies both terraced houses and flats are highly likely to be the most confined lodgings.

Malcolm Morgan, Co-author of the report stated;
“In extreme cases, overcrowded homes can cause physical illnesses such as asthma and mental illnesses such as depression, Less extreme cases can cause anxiety or stress, or impact on children’s social and emotional development. Lack of privacy resulting from lack of space can degrade family relationships, and prevent residents from entertaining guests and engaging in social activities in the home. People have a strong emotional reaction to spaces, and people’s perception of their homes can affect their quality of life”.

Do you think that you are living in a property that doesn’t meet the reasonable space requirements?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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