Could this be an architectural prize winner?

Posted: 27/06/2014

Britain are hosting a sterling prize ceremony which is known to be an architectures biggest award and the Telegraph have noted that a highland black house worth £80,000 will be listed alongside many other properties in Britain.

A couple from Scotland, Liz and Dave Kerr where on the prowl for a suitable retirement home to meet their every requirement and as well as this they wanted it to be fairly remote in order to retire to for approximately five months during each year. So set upon this quest they bought a traditional black house located in the Hebrides, Scotland. Mrs Kerr is a retired occupational therapist and her husband, Mr Kerr who is a retired Insurance broker bought house number seven in 2008. The cottage called ‘House Number Seven’ is located on the small Isle of Tiree which is situated on the far westerly side of the Inner Hebrides. The Hebrides are recorded to be 12 miles long and three miles wide and has a minute population of just 700 people. The couple had originally planned to renovate the cottage and live there when they were not at their main dwelling in Glasgow.

This property could have been named a ruin due to its appearance and this wasn’t the only problem. It also appeared to be extremely unstable and cost the couple a figure of £80,000 to purchase. Never the less, this didn’t discourage the purchaser’s so they went on to invest a colossal £500,000 in total towards the renovation of their future retirement home. This sum of money had been provided by their son, Malcolm.

Following on from the revamp, the property has now been renowned for its architectural intelligence after being itemised alongside other properties for one of the biggest prizes known. These other properties are some of the most recognisable in the world and extremely expensive, most of which are located in the UK.

The cottage has been named ‘House Number Seven’ and stands just 1 of 44 others within the UK to be honoured for the RIBA National Awards. The Shard skyscraper, located in London also has a place on the list and has a mass value of £1.2 billion and it is recorded as the tallest building in Europe. The London Aquatics Centre that had been constructed for the London 2012 Olympics for a ginormous £250 million was also on the list.

‘House Number Seven’ will now take on rivals in a bid to take the biggest architectural prize known as the Sterling Prize. It is noted that the prize will be awarded to the winning home during September 2014. The RIBA president, Stephen Hodder stated;
“This year’s RIBA National Award winners show that exceptional architecture can be found anywhere: on any high street, in any village or town, and with any budget. Good architecture always begins with a committed client and it is extremely heartening to see in this year’s crop of winners, the increasing recognition, notably in the public sector, of the vital role of good design in attracting visitors, students and clients and of the dramatic influence that a beautiful building has on communities and pride.”

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