Could this be the most energy efficient office in the UK?

Posted: 10/10/2012

The latest technology is going to be used when building a new office in Lincolnshire to try and make it the most energy efficient office in the UK. The Lincoln company is hoping reduce carbon emissions by 75% and cut energy costs by 50%.

The office will be built at Langworth and will include solar PV to generate electricity, solar water panels to heat the water for the office, mechanical heat recovery ventilation which will keep a flow of fresh air going through the office and the systems will also be able to pre warm the air during the winter months. The office will include rain water harvesting systems for toilet flushing which will be provided by Freerain. Air source heat pumps will be installed to heat and cool the building as well as external insulation to help maintain a stable internal temperature and lastly ultra low energy LED lighting will be installed in the office but the use of natural light will be used throughout the building. The material that the building will be built of is called Thin Joint solid block System and it is the latest cutting edge construction material. It uses specially manufactured aircrete blocks and quick setting thin layers of adhesive rather than the traditional block and mortar system. This will reduce construction times and will insure the building is more air tight than traditional buildings allowing for more efficient heating and cooling.

The building work is set to cost £400,000 and will be the home of Langworth Resources Ltd which acts as a head office for Cool Milk’s UK dairy interests. Cool Milk was established in 1998 and provides free milk for children aged under five in pre schools, nurseries and children’s centres and crèches in partnership with local authorities.

If you were to build your own office, would you consider using any of the technology listed above or perhaps the latest building techniques that have been used to build the most energy efficient office in the UK?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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