Could you imagine life with planes constantly passing over your home?

Posted: 27/08/2014

In connection to a previous blog that I have written about the sacrifices home owners could possibly make in order to live in their dream home, I have another question… would you consider living under a flight path?

Situated right at the foot of Heathrow’s runway is an estate whereby planes pass over every day, most of which are assumed to be around 40ft in the air, is this too close for comfort? This street complete with semi-detached houses is only a step away from Europe’s busiest airport, is a well-known place for people known as “plane spotters”. These people tend to come from all over the world just to watch planes take off and land on the two runways and what fascinates these people the most is the sheer scale at how big some of these planes can be!

It is estimated that around 1,280 planes a day take off and land in Heathrow airport, generally between the hours of 6am and 11pm. At a first glimpse this street, Myrtle Avenue, seems like a quiet suburban area never the less, appearances can be deceiving. This street is located in the London borough of Hounslow and it is believed to be one of the noisiest in Britain, bearing in mind it is only a few yards away from Heathrow airport.

This street is just 100 yards away from the airports southern runway and plans for a proposed third runway in Heathrow would allow them to handle around 260,000 more flights each year however, there is some good news in store for existing residents. Officials have put forward some plans for a third runway that could be situated towards the north west of the airport, this means it is facing away from the already disturbed neighbourhood.

Sometimes the excessive amount of plane spotters makes it extremely hard for residents living in the area due to entrances often being blocked by so many visitors’ vehicles. One resident, Himesh Patel, who is 22 and has lived on the street for his entire life admitted that;
“Sometimes I have beeped the horn on my car for an hour to get their attention and find out who is blocking the driveway.”

The plane enthusiasts are seen bringing picnics, blankets, chairs, and even cameras with extremely long lenses so that they can capture each air craft taking off and landing.. Gerhard, a plane spotter who has commuted all the way from Austria to view this spectacular opportunity stated;
“I think there is no place in Europe where you can get so many planes landing in such a short time, so it's a special place here.”

Even though there is a day to day disruption of loud noise this still isn’t enough to drive down house prices as the average house in the street is still said to be worth around £276,946, all because of the distance from the capital, London.

Would you consider living next to one of the world busiest runways? 

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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