Councils must commit to combating climate change

Posted: 25/05/2012

A report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, in conjunction with the independent Committee on Climate Change has revealed that local councils must do more to cut carbon emissions in order to meet the UK’s carbon budget.

Some of the recommendations suggested for local authorities are to support renewable energy projects by granting them planning permission and supporting the development of district heating schemes. It was also suggested that promoting sustainable travel options and recycling programmes would aid in the reduction of carbon emissions.

The Committee on Climate Change warned that inadequate action from local councils would hold back the success of the national carbon budget.

Another report was released, this time by the Town and Country Planning Association on how to create a modern Garden City which would help to combat climate change.

The report highlights how the UK needs greener housing which is affordable and high quality. Many people want to live within a natural environment which consists of positive, healthy communities and jobs to support growth.

This can be achieved if Garden Cities were built around the nation. To begin the process, the government, local authorities and communities must be fully committed to the project by unlocking land that has the potential to become a great Garden City.

A garden city is a self contained community surrounded by green belts of land. There have been two Garden cities built, both in Hertfordshire called Letchworth Garden City and Welwyn Garden City by Sir Ebenezer Howard. They were designed to provide working class citizens an alternative to working on farms or crowded, polluted cities. Sir Howard was the founder of the Garden City Association in 1899, developed after World Ward II.

What do you think your council should be doing to tackle climate change and do you believe that Garden Cities could be the answer to reducing the UK's carbon emissions?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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