Delays on redevelopment of Ringo Starrs former Liverpool home

Posted: 27/09/2013

Liverpool City Council’s planning committee approved plans for the redevelopment of the Welsh Streets in Toxteth on the 23rd July 2013 where 150 new homes would be built, 37 existing homes would be refurbished and 280 homes would be demolished.

One of the homes to be refurbished is the former home of the famous Beatles band member Ringo Starr however, Eric Pickles has decided that a public inquiry is to be held into this proposed redevelopment, delaying the already approved plans. This is very frustrating for many people including Mayor Joe Anderson who voiced his bitter disappointment at the Governments decision. Considering the Government are pushing local authorities to find any spare land to sell to housing developers because of the detrimental lack of housing for the population, this is quite the opposite reaction expected from Eric Pickles.

Mayor Joe Anderson stated that the ‘proposals were drawn up after extensive consultation with residents’ and that this decision is ‘hugely frustrating’ for the local community who have faced over 10 years of indecision about the redevelopment and have already made it clear that they back the proposal.

The housing association Plus Dane could lose half of the funding for the project from the Homes & Communities Agency if the work is not completed by March 2015. The latest news is an worrying for the housing association as the public enquiry will delay the whole process further. What are your thoughts on the decision by Eric Pickles to hold a public enquiry?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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