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Posted: 08/01/2013

Dev Assess is one of the latest reports Pali are offering to our clients. Dev Assess is designed to inform you of any developments and future planning applications that may take place or may be submitted around the property in question. Due to the demand for new homes and Government funding backing them, developments are popping up on every piece of land available and if you do not wish to live near a new housing estate, you need to know this before you purchase a property that may be in an effected area.

With the Dev Assess report, you will be made aware of the development risk and as solicitors, you need to inform your client with as much important information as possible because they could be purchasing their home from hell rather than their dream home. Dev Assess is a unique report that includes existing planning information and identifies unexploited development sites within a 75m radius of the property. The report also states the size of each potential development site identified together with density predictions.

A new development could cause many problems for the home buyer for example; It could cause an increased amount of traffic around the roads not to mention the noise pollution, ruin the view from the property and even require involvement of some of the land which could affect the home buyer positively or negatively. This is why a Dev Assess report is so important.

Dev Assess also includes a full Groundsure Planning Report or a Plansearch Plus report which will provide information about the current residential and commercial planning applications as well as information on land use and designations, rights of way, mobile phone masts, housing and neighbourhood data along with crime, amenities and education information.

Your job as a solicitor or Conveyancer is to make sure the lengthy process of home buying is as pleasurable and rewarding for your clients as possible therefore, offering them this report could save them from purchasing a property they later regret. If you are armed with vital information about potential risks, your client will be able to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed thus, you gain credibility for providing them with additional and fundamental information.

The second report that has been added to Pali’s collection for our clients is the Dev Estate. This has been designed for probate solicitors and other related professionals so they can establish the true potential therefore value of a property. Thousands of properties across the country are undersold because no one recognises their true potential but this could become a thing of the past thanks to Dev Estate. The land a property is built on could be worth more to a developer than the bricks and mortar lay above would be to a home buyer and where development sites are identified, the value sours.

These two new reports will enable many of your clients to avoid costly mistakes and several estate beneficiaries to greatly benefit from increased property values. If you would like more information about Dev Assess and Dev Estate, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 691 1170 or email

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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