Dev Assess - Shouldn't you know where it is?

Posted: 22/01/2013

Development is increasingly likely to result in future planning applications that could have a substantial impact on your client’s current or prospective property. It might ruin their view, reduce their enjoyment of their property or affect its value positively or negatively.  As clients become more aware of development risk as an issue, solicitors need to know how to obtain further information to address their concerns. Specific planning searches may consider the wider area, but what about future development risks, or where planning has yet not been submitted?

DevAssess is a unique new report that includes existing planning informationSample DevAssess report and identifies unexploited development sites. In approximately 10% of cases the searched property has hidden value revealed.

Key features

  • Unique, professional opinion about future development risks within a 75m radius of the property
  • Identifies development potential of your or your client’s intended property
  • Site specific mapping showing any identified potential development sites
  • Information about the size of each identified site, together with density predictions
  • Includes a full GroundSure Planning Report or Plansearch Plus report, providing information about current commercial and residential planning applications (including larger and ‘minor applications’ such as single storey extensions and dormer windows within the immediate vicinity), together with information on land use designations, rights of way, mobile phone masts, housing and neighbourhood data, together with crime, amenities and education information
  • Aerial photography

Selecting and buying the right home can be a lengthy and costly process. Once a new home has been selected it is important that any potential changes within the surrounding area are reported before proceeding with the purchase. The impact of new planning proposals could be substantial. They might ruin the view from a property, reducing potential enjoyment, or even require the involvement of some land with great financial rewards. The value of the property may also be affected, positively or negatively. By combining current planning information with a professional opinion about future development opportunities, a DevAssess report provides a unique and enlightened view, will enhance due diligence and can help your client make an informed decision before contracts are exchanged.

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