Development gets go ahead in Cambridgeshire & expected in Merseyside

Posted: 25/10/2012

Planning permission has been granted by councillors for the new town of Northstowe to be built with work starting as soon as 2013. The green light has been given for 1,500 new homes, shops, sports hub, local centre, recycling centre and a primary school to be built as part of the first phase of the new town.

The total amount of new homes expected to be built by the end of the development is a massive 10,000 which is aimed at helping the shortage of homes in the area. The application went through a public enquiry before being rubber stamped by the councillors during summer and a further report will be presented to the Northstowe Joint Development Control Committee early next year.

Detailed plans will now be drawn up containing information on exactly where the roads, homes and other facilities will be built on the selected site.

In related news, Knowsley councillors are set to approve the next stage of the Kirkby regeneration plan on Merseyside. The two long awaited proposals include a health centre, primary school, upgraded public transport, shops and a library. The council also want to create a temporary market to replace the old one which was demolished earlier this year.

The new market will hold 130 stalls and include a car park for 28 vehicles for traders as well as customers. The market is expected to be in place for a year until a new, permanent one is built. The regeneration plans for Kirkby also include a football stadium for Everton Football Club along with a huge shopping complex which will be dominated by Tesco however these proposals were stopped by the Government because they claimed they were too ambitious for the small town.

Regardless of this, £300 million is expected to be ploughed into the town in the coming years which will make this huge revamp one of the largest since the post war years.

What do you think of the plans for the new town of Northstowe and do you think the regeneration of Kirkby will prove beneficial?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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