Do you know if your home is at risk of flooding?

Posted: 16/07/2012

The Met Office has confirmed that the period between April and June 2012 was the wettest since records began in 1910. The total amount of rainfall the UK experienced was 145.3mm, double the amount usually expected between April and June. The Met Office revealed that the recent wet conditions is being caused by a jet stream which is sitting at a lower altitude than usual and shows no sign of moving. Could July also become the wettest since records began?

Since the beginning of May, more than 3,000 properties have been flooded and around 55,000 properties have received flood warnings. If your home was one of the thousands that were flooded or received a flood warning, were you aware that your property was at risk? The Environment Agency predicts that 1 in 6 homes in England and Wales are at risk of flooding and this figure is now expected to be higher due to the rising groundwater levels. However, when your purchase a house, a flood search is not a required conveyancing search.

At the moment, it is up to your solicitor to decide whether to have a flood search carried out on a property you wish to purchase, yet some solicitors can be neglectful and not have this important search carried out. This could leave you oblivious to the risks of flooding. It is a Conveyancing solicitor’s responsibility to provide information to buyers so you can make a fully informed decision whether to go ahead with a purchase and if this duty is not carried out correctly, the solicitor could have a case of negligence issued against them.

Pali can provide you with a GroundSure Flood search which includes a wide range of data that considers many types of flood risks including;

> Environment Agency tidal and river flooding
> Areas benefiting from flood defence
> Pluvial flood risk
> Likely availability of insurance for flood risk
> British Geological Survey groundwater flood risk

You can order a GroundSure Flood search from Pali for only £22.20 by calling 0151 691 1170 or emailing The Pali team can answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional information about a GroundSure Flood search.

If you would like to read Pali’s previous blog on flooding that explains why the UK is suffering from a soggy summer, please click HERE.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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