Do you know what a smart meter is?

Posted: 23/08/2012

According to a report carried out by Ipsos Mori, 51% of 2,396 people interviewed in the UK have never heard of a smart meter. This could prove to be a problem because the Government are planning to install a smart meter into every home in the UK by 2019.

Out of the 2,396 people who were interviewed face to face, only 5% of the people claimed to own a smart meter however, this is set to change because the Government are starting the distribution of smart meters in 2014. So, before someone knocks on your door in two years time and wants to install this so called, smart meter into your home, Pali thought we would make you aware what one is first!

The smart meter is designed to show you in real time the amount of energy you're using in your home via a small wireless display that can be placed anywhere in your home to encourage energy saving. The smart meter is intended to encourage the saving of energy and end the reign of estimates bills. The Department of Energy and Climate Change have predicted that households will save an annual amount of around £23 on their energy bills by 2020 thanks to the smart meter.Pali's smart meter

We had a smart meter installed in the office last week making Pali one of the first commercial premises to have a smart meter!

I hope this blog has helped you understand what a smart meter is and what it is designed to do for when you receive one of the 30 million that will be distributed across the country.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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