DX Service change costings

Posted: 15/02/2012

The DX service is the preferred postal option for many solicitor firms and plays an important role in their daily mail routine.

Up until now the annual cost of the DX subscription was calculated by weight, however like other postal services, the DX is now introducing a ‘format’ based system as well as weight. Therefore the size of your letters and parcels could now affect the cost of your yearly subscription.

Most people will have already come across the size guidelines as, like Royal Mail, the categories are ‘letter’, ‘large letter’, ‘packet’, and ‘parcel’.

If you subscribe to the DX you are not required to separate your mail in to the different categories though. The DX provides forms which enables you to carry out your own monitoring as additional information to be used to calculate the annual subscription but this is not compulsory.

This new system may affect how much your annual subscription costs you or it may alter the way in which you prepare your mail ie you may now choose to fold an A4 letter in half to fit inside a smaller envelope. Even with the new changes, the DX is still a cost effective postal option compared to other services though.

What are your thoughts with the recent changes to the DX? Have you noticed a cost increase or are you still as happy as ever with the service?

To read the full story on Today’s Conveyancer which includes the new size guides please go to https://www.todaysconveyancer.co.uk/changes-to-the-way-dx-charges-cms-940

Jo Milne, Pali


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