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Posted: 30/10/2012

Think about where you would love your second home or holiday home to be in the whole of England and Wales. It must be beautiful, quaint, scenic, rural and coastal, charming, attractive and peaceful. Where were you visioning? If it’s Cornwall you’re dreaming of, then 2.3 million other people have thought the same thing and purchased a second home in Cornwall and enjoyed more than 30 days in the region per year.

The Office of National Statistics released data that shows the number of people with second addresses including rented homes but not including buy to let properties that are never inhabited by their owners. Over 1.5 million home owners which is 2.8% of the population said they own a second address in England and Wales of which 189,000 were working addresses, 165,000 were holiday homes and 1.2 million were classes as ‘other’.

An additional 48,000 people had a second home in Northern Ireland and Scotland and 821,000 have a second home outside of the UK. The information showed that Cornwall is the most popular region to own a second home with 22,977 people claiming to own a second home there.

London boroughs have the highest density of second addresses used for work purposes and in the City of London there were 185 home owners with a second address in every 1,000 residents and 61 in every 1,000 in the Westminster area.

Wales, specifically Gwynedd which covers parts of the Snowdonia National park has the highest number of holiday home owners with 64 out of every 1,000 usual residents. These figures may change dramatically when the Government enforce plans to scrap a discount on holiday homes in 2013 which currently allows home owners to pay half the council tax they would normally pay on their full time homes.

Do you own a second home? What do you think about the Governments plans to scrap a discount on holiday homes in 2013?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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