Expect Shocks if you dont get a Survey done on your Future Home!

Posted: 06/10/2015

A staggering number of people buying new homes choose not to bother with a survey to check for problems, research suggests. Hidden faults such as rot, damp and broken heating systems are amongst the most common flaws to be expected if a survey is not carried out to expose defects like this prior to moving. Issues with wiring and unsatisfactory roof coverings are the most expensive damages to rectify if these are not flagged up beforehand.

People moving homes in the South East of England were dealt the highest bills, according to a new survey. Buyers in the South East payed out over 820 million to repair damages that were missed from not forgoing surveys. Second on the top of the list was London, where buyers shelled out nearly 450 million for unforeseen damages to their new homes.

Not only can investigating your future property save you money on repairs but these surveys can also be used to help you get a cheaper price for the house you are interested in or perhaps even persuade you not to go ahead with the purchase altogether.

Surveys are extremely important when buying your new home and could protect you from nasty shocks which may leave you forking out more than was expected!

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