Explosive decision for Oxfordshire!

Posted: 28/07/2014

Didcot A Power Station located in Oxfordshire was due to be demolished during the early hours of Sunday 27th July 2014 and following on from the gigantic blast, a team of cleaners were ushered in to instruct the clean-up operation of the whole site. The clean-up team were on standby for the whole operation and had to act exceptionally quick as it was expected that the dust created by the explosion may travel up to half a mile from the main site.

The clean-up involved jet washers and road sweepers which both contributed towards removing the dust from every railway track, home and road that may have unfortunately been affected. The three main cooling towers of the plant where also due to be wiped out and this was done by using an enormous amount of explosives weighing around 180kg, this took place on Sunday between 3:00am and 5:00am.

Kieran Conaty from Coleman and Company who are the organisation that are carrying out the demolition stated; “We're not here to create a nuisance.” The firm also openly stated that the project will undoubtable cover some properties in dust however, they state that they will happily wash them down.

In time for the next train service to take place any debris, dust or concrete that had blown a distance and caused any damage to numerous points and signals also had to be washed away and recollected. Following the demolition, many residents feared that the blast would cause earth tremors providing the blast was big/strong enough but in reply to this Mr Contary proceed to say;
“The vibration itself is very limited. We've blasted tower blocks within 6m of resident areas and there's been no structural failure - we don't anticipate any damage to property. There is more vibration from a train or heavy traffic that there is going to be from the cooling towers."

Having planned to rid the area of the power station during the early hours of Sunday morning, the power company RWE have been under scrutiny because many local residents displayed a keen interest to view the demolition however, the power organisation urged everyone to stay indoors during the blast for obvious reasons. The company does not want people to be hurt or affected by the mass cloud that will engulf the vicinity in a matter of seconds shortly after the explosives are detonated.

In a statement provided by the power company, they said;
“Explosive demolitions can be dangerous if not managed in a professional and coordinated manner; it is with this in mind that we would advise people not to attend the demolition. Explosive demolitions can also cause a cloud of dust which will travel in the direction of the wind, which can change at any time."

Because people are unable to watch from a close up personal view, an online webcam has been set up in order for them to watch.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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