Family of London rioter face eviction & would you downsize for 2,000 pounds?

Posted: 23/05/2012

Wandsworth London Council have sent an eviction notice to the family of a London rioter who looted the electrical goods store Curry’s.

18 year old Daniel Sartain-Clarke also faces charges of violent conduct which he has pleaded not guilty to but the council are preparing to enforce the eviction notice if he is found guilty in his court case, which will see his family forced out of their home.

A tenant is given clear rules to abide by when living in social housing and in this case, those rules have been broken which must result in eviction.

Daniel’s mother Ms de La Calva claims she should not be punished as her son is an adult so she is not responsible for his actions and should not be punished for them.

In other news, council’s are offering incentives including £2,000 in cash to tenants living in larger houses than they need. The scheme has been set up to try and tackle the shortage of council housing for families.

The project originated in Exeter, where tenants with an extra bedroom were asked if they would downsize so a larger family could make use of the unused room.

Now a number of councils are offering the same cash incentives to free up their social housing.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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