Fancy buying a village in Tuscany? If so, get on eBay and start bidding!

Posted: 29/06/2012

The Tuscan village of Pratariccia contains 25 cottages, 19.7 acres of land where wild boar, deer and wolves roam and is 40km away from the city of Florence. It is nestled among giant oak trees at 850 meters altitude and possesses stunning views over the Casentino Valley. All this can be yours from eBay for a mere €2.5 million.

As a comparison, Kensington Palace Gardens in London has an average house price of £22.17 million (€27.47 million).

The owners of the village are reportedly a religious order who are seeking a quick cash online sale. What better online platform to reach millions of potential buyers than eBay? The sellers have previously advertised the village through agencies but have never had any luck. Previous interest came from a group of artists, who were planning on turning the village into a secluded retreat but they were deterred by the costs involved.

The village has been vacant for 50 years due to the farmers living there moving to cities during Italy’s economic boom. Because of this economic boom, many hill top villages were abandoned and have stayed empty like Prataiccia. Now developers are eying them up to potentially turn them into holiday resorts for those who desire mountain and valley views over sandy beach scenery. This would be a welcome and much needed boost for Italy’s struggling economy.

Unfortunately, the 25 cottages in the village are crumbling after a lack of maintenance for half a century therefore, they are not suitable for holiday home buyers just yet. The buyer of Pratariccia village would have to be prepared to spend an extra €1 million on repairs according to the estate agent who has advertised the village on eBay. The estate agent is called Carlo Magni and he told the Guardian, ‘Right now you can get to within 800 metres in a jeep, then you're walking.’

Would you be interested in buying this unusual project? If so, check it out on eBay!

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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