Fast broadband connection is now a key factor in choosing a new home!

Posted: 04/11/2014

According to a report carried out by Halifax, 20% of adults in the UK are willing to shell out more money for a house if it has reliable broadband connection.

Around 25% of the people surveyed also said they would negotiate the cost of the sale or rent or price of a property if the broadband connection was poor. 

According to Craig McKinlay from Halifax, broadband connection is becoming a one of the most significant attributes people are looking for when picking a home alongside features such as parking, decent transport links and outdoor space.

Due to our easy access to superfast broadband on our mobiles and at work being the norm, it is expected that enjoying fast broadband at home should also be standard.

The survey suggests that bad broadband connection is now seen as the 2nd most irritating home issue behind loud neighbours but outranking bad mobile phone network connection, leaking taps and creaking floorboards.

Helen Dickinson, BRC Director, stated that;
“Technology is playing an increasingly significant part in all aspects of consumers’ lives. Possibly one of the biggest decisions a consumer will make, taking out a mortgage, is now heavily influenced by online research with our data showing that online mortgage searches correlate strongly with mortgage approvals.”

Not only do these reports show that broadband connection is now a factor in choosing a home, but the use of the internet is now also the norm when it comes to gaining the funds used to buy the chosen property.

Would a bad broadband connection be a deal breaker if you were purchasing a new home?

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd

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