Flood risk homes in Liverpool receive grant from the Environment Agency

Posted: 27/09/2012

Liverpool City Council have received a £200,000 grant from the Environment Agency to help protect homes in West Derby from flooding.

50 homes in Crawford Close, Leyfield Close, Leyfield Road, Churchdown Grove and Churchdown Road in West Derby have been hit by flash floods for many years and the Environment Agency have recognised this and provided funding for extra defences to be built. Some of these extra defences include the installation of storm porches, flood protection doors and ‘smart’ air bricks as well as the sealing of pipes and cable entry points.

The work will be carried out by Whitehouse and is designed to reduce the dangers of flooding through installing risk minimising components to reduce the damage flood water causes to the properties. The recent floods have caused problems for West Derby but one of the largest problems Liverpool City Council had was locating the areas which needed the extra protection as floods can happen anywhere at anytime because of the rising water levels, sudden rain fall and burst water drains.

The recent floods have raised concerns about insurance for flood risk homes as the Government and the insurance industry have not yet struck a deal which was supposed to be completed in spring 2012. By now, home owners in flood risk areas should rest assured that their properties are still insurable under an agreement between the insurance industry and the Government however, the two parties failed to reach a compromise in spring and the deal has been stalled.

The proposal by the Association of British insurers would see all homes continue to be covered with a cap on the annual premium they would pay however, any property with a risk above ths cap would get its insurance from a central pot of money paid by a small levy on every home insurance policy in the country.

It seemed the Government were close to signing the proposal before a spokeswoman from Defra said the Government will not approve anything that results in rising premiums. The Government are adamant that they do not want to increase household premiums even though there is not enough money in the system for insurers to offer cover to high risk homes otherwise.

Defra released a statement claiming that they are considering a cross subsidy mechanism which would ensure all high risk households will have affordable insurance available to them without costing tax payers of policyholders money. The Association of British Insurers have hit back at the Governments comments and revealing that ‘the pooling model is very much still on the table.’

The Government have less than a year to strike a deal with the Association of British Insurers as the current insurance agreement expires in June 2013. Insurers agree to provide cover for flood risk homes as long as the Government continue to invest in flood defences however the Government made it clear that they will no longer sign off this deal once it runs out in 2013. This would result in 200,000 homes without affordable flood cover therefore homeowners would struggle to sell their properties.

The recent floods which began when persistent rainfall fell at the beginning of the week resulted in more then 40 claims for home damages in two days according to the AA. In addition, there was a 12% jump in motor claims on Tuesday alone which were mostly associated with collisions due to poor visibility in downpours revealed the AA. Lloyds TSB admitted to experiencing a 52% increase in storm claims as well as a 50 fold increase in flood claims across the UK during the wettest summer in 100 years.

If your house experienced a close call from the flood water or if you’re looking to purchase a property anywhere in the country but are concerned about the risk of flooding, you can order a GroundSure Flood Report from Pali which includes a wide range of data that considers many types of flood risk in addition to an opinion on the likely availability of insurance based upon data utilised extensively by the Association of British Insurers. The GroundSure Flood report from Pali covers the Environment Agency tidal and river flooding, areas benefiting from flood defence, pluvial flood risk, likely availability of insurance for flood risk homes and British Geological Survey of groundwater flood risk.

Alternatively, you can order a GroundSure Homebuyers report from Pali which is the only combined residential environmental and flood risk search available on the market. GroundSure Homebuyers contains the same high quality information and expert information the GroundSure Flood report does with a new feature of Historic Flood Data provided by the Environment Agency which dates back to the 1840’s. This additional data is compulsory information for many insurers when assessing insurability. GroundSure Homebuyers contains the added benefit of historic information about contaminated Land under Park IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If you’re interested in purchasing a GroundSure Flood report or a Groundsure Homebuyers report from Pali or would like more information, please call 0151 691 1170 or email search@paliltd.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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