Football even has an effect on house prices!

Posted: 08/07/2014

The country is going through a pretty intensive time right now to say the least, with regards to sportsmanship anyway. As the famous world cup continues to successfully draw in more and more spectators by the day, all originating from around the world, properties that are located within a half an hour radius of any major football ground are said to be increasing in price. All of which are luxurious and suitable for all the dedicated football fans who have to go that extra mile to support their teams.

Halifax has collated some research recently and came to the conclusion that homes located around the top 20 Premier League football stadiums are said to be increasing in value by more than 130% during the past 10 years.

Zoopla also collated some figures which are similar and they concluded that Stamford Bridge takes the top spec when it comes to the highest house prices around Premier League football stadiums. Chelsea Football Club's stadium was shortly followed by Craven Cottage in Fulham, then the Emirates which is home to Arsenal's football team and finally Queen’s Park Rangers stadium. All of these stadiums are situated in and around London, what a surprise.

Head of research at Strutt & Parker, Stephanie McMahon stated;
“Living close to a high-profile sports venue is not just a sports lover’s dream, typically the areas around stadiums have gone through a process of regeneration and have a wealth of facilities close by which can mean that neighbouring properties carry quite a significant premium”.

Would you be willing to pay a premium price to live close to a football stadium?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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