Frack Off protesters chain themselves to gates in Chesterfield

Posted: 18/06/2012

It is believed that Cuadrilla Resources are planning to move a rig from Chesterfield in Danesmoor to a site in Lancashire this week to drill fo shale gas using the controversial method of Fracking. However, they could face delays after 20 protesters gathered around the rig this morning and four of them chained themselves by their necks to the gates, preventing access to the rig.

Fracking is a method of extracting shale gas from underground deposits by injecting high pressured water, chemicals and sand into shale beds and storing the gas to use as energy.

The protesters state that they arrived at the site in Chesterfield at 4.45am and their reason for chaining themselves by their necks to the gates is because they do not agree with the sheer scale of the proposed development by Caudrilla.

One protester spoke to the Independent and said, ‘Caudrilla wants to drill 800 wells in Lancashire alone. If this goes ahead, we will witness the total industrialisation of the British countryside and the destruction of land and water on which we depend.’

Derbyshire Police were called to the site at 5.20am by a member of staff that was working at the site. Derbyshire Police released a statement and claimed that this was a peaceful protest and the protesters were not blocking entrances to any other premises. The Police officers are in talks with the protesters and will remain on site until the protest is over.

A number of the protesters are from a group called ‘Frack Off’ which claim to be an extreme energy action network and aim to highlight the threat posed by a wave of extreme energy extraction methods that are being pushed by the government .

The emergence of Fracking in the UK has caused a lot of controversy and Pali has been following the developments as they happen. If you would like to learn more about the Fracking process, where it is taking place, the problems, the advantages, peoples opinions and the future of Fracking, please view the links below;

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Do you think the protesters have the power to stop Caudrilla from taking their rig and drilling for shale gas in Lancashire?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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