Fracking could take place under your home without your permission!

Posted: 05/06/2014

The Government have been in discussion for a number of months following up various cases to do with the rules and regulations of Fracking. They have now confirmed that they intend to change the laws towards trespassing in order to allow access for drilling under residential houses without the owner’s consent. This is said to be mentioned on Wednesday during the Queen’s speech however, the measure was not included within the infrastructure bill. In order to legalise this, various officials will now have to wait for a 12 week consultation to take place before it can be progressed.

This proposal is highly likely to cause distress and encounter a fair bit of disagreement from many people. The Government sources provided courtesy of the coalition sector have insisted that they will not be going back on their intention to push forward all the options with regards to the progression of Fracking. On Wednesday morning David Cameron’s Oxfordshire property had also been converted into a “fracking site” so no one can escape this potential new regulation.

Members of the public are going to display great opposition providing the procedure is given the green light. The reason for allowing unconsented drilling is so the most can be made of the shale gas which may lie beneath many a residential properties. Officials within the oil and shale gas industry believe that this new regulation will speed up the exploitation process of the resource.

The Queen displayed her thoughts towards the discussion of changing trespassing laws by saying; “The (infrastructure) bill will enhance the UK's energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal sites”. Official notes accompanying the speech also stated that; “Subject to consultation, this bill would support the development of gas and oil from shale and geothermal energy by clarifying and streamlining the underground access regime. The Government is currently running a full consultation on this policy and the legislation is entirely dependent on the outcome of that consultation”.

During the early stages of 2014, ministers decided to eliminate the need to inform residents even though colossal numbers of the public objected. Residents living on potential Fracking sites should have the right to be informed as well as a right to object because this procedure could possibly weaken the ground beneath their houses. There should be a series of tests put in place and performed before and after any drilling takes place to determine whether the property will remain structurally safe.

Legal expert, Angus Evers from King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin stated; “The (trespass and fracking) consultation contains only one proposal, the same as that put forward by the Queen today, which raises the question of whether the consultation is genuine or if, in fact, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, I was surprised when the consultation came out a few weeks ago. But when you are talking about taking away people's property rights it is entirely right that there should be a public consultation. However, I think the proposal will go ahead in some shape or form”.

Th UK Greenpeace executive director, John Sauven has said; “Announcing the trespass measure in the Queen's speech just days after launching the consultation made "a mockery of public participation".
He then added; “Ministers are losing the argument on fracking and are now steamrolling over people's rights in order to sacrifice our countryside and climate”. Completely unexpected the Prime Ministers home which is located in the Cotswold Hamlet of Dean, Oxfordshire had been approached by various Greenpeace activists  wearing Hi Viz on Wednesday. It is reported that they placed a sign that read; “We apologise for any inconvenience we may cause while we frack under your home.”

What do you think about the possible amendment to the trespassing rule to allow Franking to take place underneath houses?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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