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Posted: 12/10/2011

Q. How do I receive these leads?

A. Simple. By being a client of Pali. That’s it.

As a ‘thank you’ to our clients Pali created the Conveyancing Quote Facility on our website.

This enables members of the public to find a company to carry out their conveyance in a quick and easy fashion. There is no charge for this facility and the only companies who are offered the leads are clients of Pali. All we ask is that you purchase some or all of your conveyancing searches from Pali - it is that simple! Pali is constantly expanding their products and services and by being a client of ours you will reap the rewards of being part of the team.

How it works:

On the homepage of the Pali website there is a “Get a Conveyancing Quote” button which allows members of the public to request a quotation for a conveyance. Once they have applied all solicitor clients of Pali who have this facility activated will receive an email and the first four solicitors to respond will get to submit their quote direct to the member of the public. Pali has no involvement in the quotations or dealings with the public.

This is a free, exclusive service offered to Pali clients and the web page is also featured on several other websites for maximum exposure.

Why use Pali for your searches?

  • We are flexible, friendly and offer an extensive support unit
  • We are local and have national coverage
  • We have competitive prices
  • You can order however you like; DX, post, fax, email or online
  • You have full control over how the results are returned to you
  • We have a user-friendly, simple, online ordering system
  • You don’t need to worry about storage; we archive everything online for you
  • We carry £5m PI cover, each search produced by Pali is insured in it’s own right and has run-off cover
  • Over 11 years experience in the industry
  • We are members of CoPSO, IPSA, PCCB and each search complies with the search code
  • You can order both Pali Produced Local Authority Searches and Council Produced Local Authority Searches
  • Order, view, track and archive online
  • We provide all the searches you require
  • We have a fast turnaround time

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