FREE High Speed Rail Link (HS2) Phase 1 Distance Checker

Posted: 24/01/2012

High Speed 2 (HS2) Phase 1 is a planned high speed railway between London and the Midlands. The project is being developed by High Speed Two Ltd. The link will eventually cut travelling times from London to Birmingham by up to 30 minutes, however many people are concerned that prices of properties up and down the line will be greatly affected. There is a further worry about noise caused due to the construction of the line and the eventual disturbance created to neighbouring properties by the trains running along the route.


High Speed Train

Some properties may even have to be demolished to make way for the infrastructure as the Government is intending to serve Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) on properties over the next few years.

The whole project is starting to cause additional headaches to conveyancers acting on behalf of property purchasers in the area, meaning they have to carry out additional checks. The standard Con 29 form only provides information for proposed rail schemes within 200m of the property in question, however properties situated outside this area may still be affected.


To assist their clients, Pali have come up with three additional services which they are now offering:


  1. A FREE distance checker open to all of Pali’s clients available on their website Simply enter any property address within England or Wales and the distance to the nearest point on the current proposed HS2 Phase 1 line will be displayed. In addition a plan of the relevant section of the route can be downloaded at no cost.
  2. A FREE warning when an order is placed highlighting if a property is located within 5Km of the proposed route. An additional search produced by Groundsure Ltd can then be ordered giving further information at the cost of £15.00 + VAT.
  3. ALL Pali Produced Local Authority (Con29) Searches will now show the distance to the closest point on the currently proposed HS2 route regardless of location of the property at NO EXTRA COST.


The additional facilities now provided to all of Pali’s clients will hopefully go some way to alleviate the additional burden placed on solicitors and conveyancers.


For more information, please telephone 0151 691 1170 or email

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