Free PV Solar Panels for everyone!

Posted: 22/09/2011

(Almost everyone…)

As you may have read in certain press releases lately, many companies are offering free PV solar panels.

What’s the catch? you may ask, well I am going to attempt to explain the pros and cons.

If you get Solar Photo Voltaic panels fitted on to your roof you will be able to claim some of the £850 million that the government has set aside for the feed in tariff (FIT). The panels will cost about £12,000 for a 4 KWP system, this will give you an annual return of about £1600 on a south facing roof. The money generated is index linked to the Retail Price index (RPI).

The feed in tariff is paid to you regardless of whether you use the electric or not. As long as there is daylight, you are getting free clean renewable energy and a cheque from the government.

If the £12,000 outlay is just too much for you but you still want to get free electric then luckily there is another option; you can rent your roof space. This is not your loft space but the area above your roof. Pali will rent your roof space from you and you will receive free electric giving an estimated 30% reduction in your energy bills. In return Pali will receive the FIT. You get a free survey, free installation and free  maintenance for 25 years. But most importantly you will receive free electric.

All our installations are members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the government approved Competent Person Scheme (CPS).

For more information contact Pali on 0151 691 1170 or email

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