Funding available to tackle Englands empty housing

Posted: 29/05/2012

For every two families that need a home there is one empty, unused, abandoned, wasted home but this is set to change with funding from the Government to tackle this ‘national disgrace’.

The news was announced by Andrew Stunell, the Communities Minister following the bidding process, where 20 successful councils will receive £60 million spilt between them to tackle their groups of empty properties. Community and voluntary group will also receive over £25 million between them to start work on individual empty housing in their area.

This scheme will insure the 720,000 empty houses across England will provide homes for many families in a time where securing a property is becoming increasingly difficult with rising rents, stricter mortgage criteria and social housing waiting lists becoming longer.

This scheme will also improve deprived areas where empty properties attract vandalism and anti social behaviour such as fly tipping, which costs councils thousands of pounds a year to clear away. New jobs will also be available to local communities involved in the regeneration projects.

Some of the successful bids made by local authorities for the Clusters of Empty Homes fund include;

> 10 local authorities in the Greater Manchester area to tackle the many clusters of empty houses across the county.

> 100 empty houses will be regenerated in Middlesbrough, Gresham and Tees Valley.
> Terrace housing in Stoke will be restored

> YMCA has set up 7 schemes that will renovate houses and also provide accommodation for women who are at risk of domestic violence.

What are your thoughts on the Government’s latest plan to tackle England’s housing shortage?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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