Further delays for HS2 compensation scheme

Posted: 18/06/2012

HS2 or High Speed 2 is designed to connect London with Birmingham, through the North of England and up to Scotland however, the £30 billion project faces further delays due to complications agreeing a compensation scheme.

The train would plough through many towns, villages and agricultural land. There is an increasing worry that the HS2 may not be worth the money that it would cost to build it and compensate the people who would be affected by the development.

The compensation scheme is intended to pay people whose homes will be affected by the HS2. Many houses have already dropped in price by 40% due to the HS2’s route plan. However, the owner of the property will be forced into participating in strict tests before receiving any form of compensation.

It is a fact that the HS2 route has affected property sales as a report was released stating that only 61 properties have been sold in 19 months ending on the 15th May 2012.

The delay of the compensation scheme, which was planned to be unveiled at the end of April 2012, has been blamed on the Government departments deciding of how much compensation they deserve. Now, the scheme has been delayed further and isn’t expected to be ready till autumn 2012. This has sparked rumours that the Government will cancel the plans for the HS2 altogether.

A report revealed by the Telegraph states that the benefits of the HS2 were exaggerated but the report was suppressed by the Official Department for Transport because the finding could have spoilt the business oppotunity for the HS2. 

ALL Pali Produced Local Authority (Con29) Searches now show the distance to the closest point on the currently proposed HS2 route, regardless of the location of the property at no extra cost.

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If the HS2 project gets the green light, will you be affected by the proposed route? What are your thoughts of the squabbling between the Government departments over the compensation being offered?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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