Glorious sunshine in the UK doesnt come without its catches!

Posted: 20/04/2015

Despite the 20 degree sunshine glistening away, creating picturesque reflections upon sea water surfaces, there is the question as to whether it will last? People in the UK may be in for a mood dampener on their - so far sun filled days as forecasters suggest that a wintry period may be threatening its wake shortly after in the weeks leading into May.

Residents and commuters are warned to make the most of the sunny spell as conditions could soon make a return towards being bitter, cold, and unpredictable giving a shivery start into the month of May. As it stands, the current weather conditions are expected to budge thermometers up and above the mark of 20DC never the less, there will more than likely be the odd trickle of rain to dampen spirits.

Areas within the UK are expected to dip below freezing point with places such as Scotland seeing temperatures as low as 1DC heading on towards the weekend alongside high single figures elsewhere. As the cold spell currently stands as a rumour, temperatures are again expected to feel as cold as -6DC (21F) in parts during the course of the coming weeks with the chances of snow being almost 90% on higher ground.

Out of all the places in the UK, the North is in for the coldest midst of the wintry spell whereas other places amidst the country will see the end of April on a cooler note. A band of heavy rain is expected over the weekend which will pour almost half an inch across Wales, London, the South west and the South coast.

Forecaster for the Weather Channel UK, Leon Brown stated;
“There will be plenty of sunshine this week and it will gradually become warmer again. Temperatures warmest over the west and later the south, perhaps back up to the high teens to 20C (68F) by mid-week and could see 22C (72F) by Friday before the weather breaks and becomes a lot more unsettled and cooler during next weekend. There is a change in the weather pattern from the end of the week with a hint of a colder Arctic plunge during the weekend bringing a much colder end to April and start to May.  May see snow again in the forecast for high ground in the north”.

It is expected to start feeling a lot cooler towards Thursday according to The Met Office, thanks to the gust of maritime air sweeping into the UK.

Emma Sillitoe a forecaster said;
“It is going to feel quite pleasant again on Tuesday and through the week until Thursday when there is a slight change. We have cloudier skies and temperatures will start to dip away, towards the end of the week it will be more unsettled”.

At first glimpse of the long awaited sunshine, as expected it filled pubs and parks all across the country almost bursting at the seams however, the good doesn’t come unaccompanied by the bad, especially where the UK weather is concerned.

Despite numerous talks about the hot and cold spells, parts of the country could expect a draught period according to information collated by The Met Office. This month alone has only seen an average of 35% rainfall for April.

The Met Office Forecaster, Emma Sillitoe said;
“We are over half-way through the month but we’ve had around a third of the rainfall we get on average.”

In comparison to records from past years, rainfall is shown to be significantly lower than a normal average during each month.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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